The FFs are a guilty pleasure of mine… I treat my like of them; as a secret. If I admitted to being a super like-er of their music; it would be like that one fake hipster friend that everyone one has. Who always proclaims that they love indie; yet ask them their favorite bands, and they say bands like the Fray, Hot Chili Peppers, The FFs. With all that said boy do I love the FFs. Immensely. Everything I just said makes no sense unless it makes sense to you…

Is some one getting the best of you?


The Reign of Kindo - Dust

We once were children building castles in the sand.
We’d smash them back into the land.
We’d call it all good fun.
Well, now we build them big and tall.
We weep and cry each time they fall.
Then, we hurry on to build again.

We try so hard to leave a mark.
We end up mostly leaving scars —
dig our toes in, sink our teeth in.
We want our names in history,
but no one will remember you.
And, why on Earth do you want them to?
The greatest men in history are now just names of what they used to be.

After all, from dust we came, and to dust we shall return…

The truth is, many people want to tell you what to do. How to be. What to say. And how to say it. They want to tell you when you’re doing great and when you’re messing up. They want to make sure you are successful, but not too successful.

There are literally billions of opinions in the world. There are as many opinions as there are people. In fact, there are more opinions than there are people because many of us are carrying around the opinions of those who have passed on.

And the problem with these opinions is that they can totally distract and detract us from our dreams.
M. Kipp (via parkercx)